Representative Wilson Says Trump Could Start War with Iran to Escape Impeachment

Representative Frederica Wilson (D-Fla) had an interview in her office on Wednesday in which she said that President Donald Trump could launch a war with Iran in order to escape from impeachment.

“I believe that the president of the United States is on the cusp of taking us to war without the consent of Congress because he fears impeachment. And we all know that if we are at war, the American people would not agree that you should be impeaching a president,’’ said Wilson.

“I believe he sees the fence, the walls closing in, we’re circling the wagons, and the circle is getting smaller and smaller. And he thinks we’re going to impeach him. If he sees the impeachment movement getting to close and too popular, and the American people beginning to side with the Democrats in the House of Representatives, then he will take us to war.’’

One day earlier, Secretary of State Pompeo told lawmakers in Congress that the situation with Iran is escalating as many military ships were deployed to the Persian Gulf.

‘’I think he’s squeezing Iran with sanctions, and he’s sending warships to intimidate them to sort of aggravate them and to cause them to react to he’s like a bully. He’s bullying them to the point that he wants to go to war,’’ continued Wilson. So just think about it, now we’re at war with Iran. Everybody is afraid of Iran. We have Israel over there who is at risk of this war with Iran. The whole Middle East is in turmoil. And we are impeaching a president? That’s Trump’s safety net.’’

Wilson was also talking about the tensions between Trump and the Democrats, who are now investigating his businesses according to The Hill.

House Democrats discussed the status of several House investigation into the Trump administration and whether they should launch an impeachment inquiry into Trump.

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