Statue of Trump Tweeting on Toilet Will Be Part of London Protests

Don Lessem, the man who created a statue of President Trump sitting on a toilet while tweeting, said that the statue will go to London, right in time with Trump’s official visit to the U.K capital next month according to The Hill.

Lessem had an interview with the liberal blog and internet forum the Daily Kos in which he said that his goal is to create this year’s attention-getting and a bile-producing sequel to the Trump baby balloon, and one that could be more easily deployed at rallies all over the world. He also told the media outlet that he has been in touch with the organizers behind the protest in London last year that saw a Trump baby blimp fly over the city during the President’s previous visit.

Lessem shared a video on YouTube in which he shows that the statue says things like “I’m a very stable genius,’’ “No collusion’’ and “you are fake news.’’

In the same interview with the Daily Kos, Lessem also said:

“When not on the links, Trump apparently spends most of his time on the can tweeting, so I figured to pay full tribute to him he’d have to be positioned on a golden toilet. For his own safety, we thought to put his overlong tie into the toilet itself.’’

“He’s tweeting of course, and his mouth moves to utter deathless quotes in his own voice… His Make American Great Again cap is subtitled ‘’Impeach me’’ – as if we needed a reminder. The fart noises, however, are not his own – recordings of his flatulence are apparently unavailable,’’ Lessem added. “By the way, it being China where it was made, the factory owner asked me, can you really do this without going to prison?’’ “Answer cloudy, ask again later, I told him.’’

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