Protesters Rant ‘Liar’ as de Blasio Praises His Presidential Bid on ‘Good Morning America’

According to The Hill, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) was met with protesters chanting “Liar!’’ during his appearance on Thursday, on “Good Morning America’’ to tout his White House bid.

The protesters shouted “Can’t run the city, can’t run the country!’’ while de Blasio spoke about his bid on ABC as he is the 24th candidate who will look for the support of the Democratic party for the next presidential election in 2020 with Joe Biden being one of the main competitors.

After he announced his run for president, Mayor Bill de Blasio told George Stephanopoulos “Right now, the federal government is not on the side of working people, and that is because Donald Trump is playing a big con on America.’’

During a segment broadcast from New York City, de Blasio said, “Working Americans deserve better. And I know we can do it because I’ve done it here in the largest, toughest city in this country.’’

During the interview, anchor George Stephanopoulos paused the whole thing to turn the spotlight to the events happening outside the studio with all the protestors chanting against the Mayor. Stephanopoulos said:

“You say it’s a tough city. We’re hearing it outside, some protesters.’’ To which de Blasio replied while laughing: “A little serenade.’’

At one point of the show, Stephanopoulos brought up a poll in which people from New York City voters, with many of them being Democrats, said that they do not want de Blasio to run for president of the United States. Then Stephanopoulos asked:

“What should the rest of the country think when so many of your fellow New Yorkers are saying, Don’t run?’’

To which de Blasio replied:

“I think you’d agree that the poll that actually matters is the election. I think about polling in general – it’s not where you start, it’s where you end.’’

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