Schiff Demands Mueller to Testify Before Congress in May

The Russia case is reaching its end. Special counsel Robert Mueller was invited by the Head of the House Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff to testify next month, as he said that the public must learn about the Russia probe’s findings outside of what he sees as Attorney General William Barr’s partisan takes, according to The Hill.

Mueller received a letter from Schiff on Thursday, in which the Chairman said that he will work with the special counsel to secure a mutually agreeable date in May.

Schiff wrote to Mueller:

“To discharge its distinct constitutional and statutory responsibility, the Committee must be kept fully and currently informed of the intelligence and counterintelligence findings, evidence, and implications for your investigation.’’

“This requires that the Committee receive the comprehensive testimony from you about the investigation’s full scope and areas of inquiry, its findings, and underlying evidence, all of the intelligence and counterintelligence information gathered in the course of the investigation, and the status of any ongoing counterintelligence investigation,’’ he continued.

Schiff was not the only one calling Mueller for testimony. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler also called him to testify before his committee as soon as possible.

Nadler wrote to Mueller:

“As I have already communicated to the Department of Justice, I request your testimony before the Judiciary Committee as soon as possible – but, in any event, no later than May 23, 2019.”

Attorney General William Barr, along with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and other counsels from the Department of Justice, determined that the evidence did not reach a threshold to charge President Donald Trump of obstruction.

Barr has been accused by the Democrats that he is trying to protect President Trump, being his loyalist and that he also seeks to shape the narrative in favor of the President.

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