Republicans Push Ahead with Demands for Documents on Clinton Email Probe

Three top Senate Republicans have doubled down on their requests that the Department of Justice provides information on the handling of Hillary Clinton’s private email server probe.

Senators Lindsay Graham, Ron Johnson and Chuck Grassley, the chairmen of three committees, demanded in a letter Tuesday to Attorney General William Barr that the department hand over the requested documents.

“Now that the Special Counsel’s investigation has concluded, we are unaware of any legitimate basis upon which the Department can refuse to answer the Judiciary Committee’s inquiries,” the senators wrote in the letter.

This is not the first such letter sent to the Justice Department asking for information on the FBI’s handling of the Clinton email probe. Grassley, previously chairman of the Judiciary Committee, sent a number of letters to the department during the previous Congress requesting documents on the matter, The Hill writes.

According to the three senators, the DOJ inspector general report contains an annex including information that “raises significant issues associated with the FBI’s failure to review certain highly classified information.”

Last year, Grassley requested a briefing on this information, but the Justice Department denied to provide it due to the then-ongoing Mueller investigation into Russian election interference.

“We are reissuing the attached classified letter regarding the important questions raised by the appendix and reiterating our request for a classified briefing on the subject,” Grassley, Graham and Johnson wrote in their letter Tuesday.

Michael Horowitz, the Justice Department inspector general, released his report last year, criticizing former FBI Director James Comey for poor judgment but noting that there was no evidence his decisions were motivated by political bias.

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