Democrat Responds to Sarah Sanders’ Criticism About Lawmakers’ Intelligence

House Democratic Representative Brad Sherman pushed back against criticism that members of Congress were not “smart enough” to review and understand President Donald Trump’s tax returns, saying that if she was concerned about intelligence “she probably would have chosen another employer.”

“I’m surprised to see Sarah Sanders talking about intelligence. If she thought that was an important characteristic, she probably would have chosen another employer,” Sherman said on “CNN Newsroom” on Tuesday.

The Democrats blasted Sanders for her remarks, saying that they are more than capable to undertake the task, especially since ten members of Congress are accountants.

“Obviously all of my fellow members of the CPA and accountant caucus could understand whatever documents are produced, and I think to not turn them over is without defense,” he said. “And attacking the intelligence of members of Congress seems to be the only thing that the President’s spokesperson can do.”

The White House press secretary said Sunday that congressmen and women were not “smart enough” to understand Trump taxes, adding that they themselves probably don’t do their own taxes.

Sherman noted Tuesday that as Trump has boasted he was very generous, lawmakers would look at Trump’s professed charitable giving and interpretation of tax law.

“It’s one thing to pay less than you would pay if the law were different. It’s another thing to stretch the law and make use of loopholes, so we’d want to see that as well,” the Democrats stressed.

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