Trump: ‘Socialism Is Easy to Campaign on but Tough to Govern on’

This Monday, President Donald Trump stated that it’s easy and seductive to run a campaign on socialist ideas, but in practice, it would be a terrible idea.

‘’You always have to be very careful, because socialism is easy to campaign on but tough to govern on, because the country goes down the tubes.”

On the single-payer health care system (an idea embraced by Obama, Ocasio-Cortez and other Democrats), Trump said that it’s a seductive idea that would be unaffordable for the country.

‘’But the truth is when you are up on the debate stage, and they say we are giving you free education, we are giving you free health care, we are giving you everything you want and a Rolls-Royce in everyone’s pocket. It’s not an easy situation. But what happens is ten years later. The country is gone. Okay, whether it’s this country or any other country.’’

According to Breitbart, President Trump stated that the next presidential election in 2020 might be a referendum on socialism versus capitalism.

Due to some Democrats, pushing left-wing policies like the Green New Deal, Medicare for all and the raised taxes for rich Americans, some Republicans label them as Socialists, The Hill reports.

However, aside from Bernie Sanders (l-Vt) who has publicly identified himself as a Democrat Socialist, other candidates like Elizabeth Warren (Mass), Kamala Harris (Calif.) and Amy Klobuchar (Minn.) have rejected this label.

Ex-Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper (D) categorically stated that he is happy to say that he is a proud capitalist, but the whole thing with the labels is silly.

On this, President Trump said:

‘’I watched a certain gentleman – I won’t mention his name, but he made a couple of bucks, he refuses to acknowledge capitalism. You saw that over the weekend – Hickenlooper. He was ashamed of the word, and yet, I’ve seen others may be going in the other direction.”

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