Donald Trump Jr. Lashes Out at Media, ‘Big Tech’ for Silencing Conservative Speech

Donald Trump Jr. Blasted the left, the media and social media platforms for going against conservatives and censoring free speech, Fox News informed.

“Why is the press standing by as the First Amendment erodes?” Tucker Carlson asked Trump Jr.

“The majority of the press are now left-wing activists,” Trump Jr. told Carlson. “They are not on the side that is being stymied, they’re not on the side that is being oppressed.”

Trump Jr. started the interview by speaking of his problems with Instagram and how many of his followers informed him that social media platforms were censoring their content because of their conservative nature.

“I can do this because I have a big platform. I have a big soapbox, I can get it out there, but some of the little guys, they can’t,” Trump Jr. said. “They don’t have the ability. They end up just taking it.”

Trump Jr. also went after “Big Tech” in an op-ed last Friday saying that part of the companies have voiced partisan opinions in order to prevent Trump’s reelection.

“Unfortunately, Silicon Valley is showing us that tech companies, too, can manipulate information for partisan ends. Their censorship is increasing at an alarming rate, just in time for them to try to spoil my father’s re-election bid, but we won’t let them get away with it,” Trump Jr. wrote.

He stated that the alleged social media manipulation is a systematic attack on free speech.

“To me, it reads like it’s a trial run for 2020,” Trump Jr. said. “I’m not saying every account is suppressed, but you do it enough. You take off ‘x’ percent of the top. You cut the message in half.”

“I think we have to start pushing back and I think we have to start pushing back hard,” Trump Jr. said. “If we don’t, we’ll never get the chance again.”

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