U.S. House of Representatives Passes a Resolution Stopping Involvement in Yemen War

The House of Representatives passed a resolution Wednesday calling for the end of any US military support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen, which was deemed the world’s worst humanitarian crisis last year by the United Nations.

The measure passed 248-177, with one voting present.

According to The Washington Times, the resolution directs the President to remove any US armed forces that are affecting the war with Yemen, with the exception of forces fighting Al Qaeda on the Arabian Peninsula, in less than 30 days after the resolution is enacted

It’s expected at some point that the Senate will take up the resolution, but it’s not clear when.

In a rare move, Democrats agreed to a procedural step sought by Republicans to add language to the resolution. The language, pushed by Republicans, sharply condemns anti-Semitism, and Republicans used a motion to recommit to get the language added. Typically, Democrats do not agree to Republican pushes to recommit a bill.

The resolution condemning anti-Semitism was in response to Minnesota Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar, whose tweets suggesting US support of Israel is motivated by money inspired bipartisan backlash. Omar apologized for her tweet Monday but some Republicans — including President Donald Trump — have called for more consequences against Omar as well as her resignation.

The House then voted in favor of adding the language as an amendment.

Republicans stood up and applauded when House Foreign Affairs Chairman Eliot Engel, a New York Democrat, agreed to allow the language and support it.

The motion to recommit passed 424-0 with two voters present — Republicans Reps. Justin Amash and Thomas Massie.

On the overall issue of US military support for the war in Yemen, the Republican-controlled Senate passed similar legislation in December, but it was not taken up by the Republican-controlled House. Democrats, who now hold the majority in the House, have made the legislation a priority.

Critics say the US is not directly involved in the hostilities in Yemen, and the resolution could be used to tie the government’s hands in other hostile areas.

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