Sanders Blasts Pelosi’s Plan to Reopen Govt, Claims It’s a ‘Non-starter’

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders reciprocated to the proposal of House Democrats to reopen the government, and claimed that Pelosi’s efforts will fall short of ending the government shutdown.

President Trump made a serious, good faith offer to Democrats to open the government, address the crisis at our border, and protect all Americans,” Sanders said in a statement.

“We have heard nothing back from the Democrats, who so far have refused to compromise. Speaker Designate Nancy Pelosi released a plan that will not re-open the government because it fails to secure the border and puts the needs of other countries above the needs of our own citizens,” Sanders added, as reported by The Hill.

The press secretary’s statement was made during the briefing of top congressional leaders and officials of the Homeland Security Department.

Leaders of both parties were invited by President Donald Trump for a briefing at the White House, where they discussed current developments on border security.

“The Pelosi plan is a non-starter because it does not fund our homeland security or keep American families safe from human trafficking, drugs, and crime. The President has invited Republican and Democrat leaders in Congress to the White House for a border security briefing from senior Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officials on Wednesday, and he remains committed to reaching an agreement that both reopens the government and keeps Americans safe,” Sanders said.

The partial government shutdown is in its second week, and came after lawmakers failed to reach an agreement over border security funding.

The President’s request for $5 billion to build his U.S.-Mexico border wall caused an impasse with Dems saying they are not supporting Trump’s idea, but rather offering $1.3 billion for border security.

The President attacked Democrats in a tweet saying that without a wall there is no “real border security”, and added that they do not care about “open borders.”

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