Man Stabs 3 People in UK Train Station, Authorities Treat it as Terrorist Attack

A man stabbed three people at a train station in Manchester, United Kingdom, an incident that the authorities are considering to be a terrorist attack.

According to The Associated Press, the police are questioning a man suspected of attempted murder, though the motive was unclear. The suspect is believed to have acted alone.

Police said a man and a woman suffered “very serious” injuries and remain in the hospital with abdominal injuries. The woman also has injuries to her face, the AP reported.

A police officer who was stabbed in the shoulder has been released, the AP reported.

The incident happened at Victoria Station in Manchester shortly before 9 p.m. on New Year’s Eve, the AP reported. The suspect shouted an Islamic slogan during the attack, a witness said.

Police indicated that there was no ongoing threat, but additional officers were stationed on the city’s streets on Tuesday as a precaution, the AP reported.

Manchester was also the site of a terrorist bombing in 2017 at an Ariana Grande concert that killed 22 people and injured dozens more.

Multiple incidents took place at New Year’s Eve celebrations around the world that led to injuries. A car plowed into a crowd in Tokyo, and authorities in Germany said a man targeted foreigners with his car.

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