New Poll Shows More Americans Blame President for Shutdown

A new Reuters/Ipsos poll released Thursday shows that fewer Americans blame the partial government shutdown on Democrats and more on the President.

According to the poll, almost half of Americans (47%) blame President Donald Trump for the shutdown while another 33 percent blame congressional Democrats. Seven percent put the blame for it on congressional Republicans and 12 percent on “other.”

Parts of the government closed on Saturday after congressional Democrats and some GOP members refused to pass a stopgap bill that would include $5 billion in funding for a border wall. Only 35 percent of respondents said they supported including money for the wall in a congressional spending bill, and just 25 percent said they backed the President shutting down the government over it.

Six days into the shutdown, a deal is yet to be reached, with both sides unwilling to concede ground and blaming the other for the stalemate.

“The President has made clear that any bill to fund the government must adequately fund border security,” White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said on Thursday.

Both chambers in Congress adjourned until Monday, taking no action Thursday to end the shutdown, which has begun to significantly affect services. The Federal Emergency Management Agency said the shutdown means it cannot process new flood insurance policies, possibly disrupting home sales.

The next firm action on the issue will most probably come on January 3, when Democrats take control of the House of Representatives. They are expected to offer a spending measure “plus probably disaster relief funding,” said Representative Jim McGovern.

The poll was conducted online across the United States among 2,440 adults, including 946 Democrats and 846 Republicans. The poll has a credibility interval of two percentage points.

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