At Detroit Polling Site Voting Machines Were Missing

At a polling site in Detroit early on Election Day voters were reportedly turned away due to missing voting machines.

According to a local ABC station, the voters were not able to vote at a polling location set up at the Martin Luther King Jr. High School shortly after the polls opened because the precinct was ill-prepared.

According to the news station, the polling site was temporarily closed off to voters because election workers were unable to locate the voting machines.

Election workers told the station that there was miscommunication about where the voting machines were located and that the voters were turned away while attempts were being made to locate the machines.

The voting machines were later discovered locked inside a closet on the other side of the school that election workers reportedly did not have access to.

The precinct has reportedly gotten the machines out of the closet and is working to have them set up and running soon so they can reopen the precinct.

It is unclear how many voters were turned away as a result of the mishap.

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