McCarthy: There Is No Job Opening as Chief of Staff

Kevin McCarthy, the House Majority Leader, dismissed on Wednesday all talks that he could be the next chief of staff in the White House if John Kelly resigns.

During a leadership press conference, McCarthy was asked about the position, but he denied ever having any kind of talks with President Trump about that job. Later, when asked the same by the conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt, McCarthy emphasized that there is no opening and that Kelly is not leaving the White House.

“First of all, I have not spoken to the president about anything about a job,” McCarthy said, pointing for emphasis. “And I never have. And there is no job opening.”

The majority leader stuck to the same line with Hewitt, although he still did not directly answer the question regarding whether he’d consider being chief of staff if Trump asked.

“Look, there is no opening,” McCarthy told Hewitt. “I think General Kelly is an amazing person. I watched what he’s been able to do with this White House, put structure to it, and I think those hypotheticals are not healthy in any shape or form. We all work very well together. And we’ve got a lot of work still to do.”

Pressed by Hewitt that “that wasn’t a ‘no,’ ” McCarthy said, “But there is no job out there.”

McCarthy was first reported to be on the shortlist for Trump’s chief of staff last year when Reince Priebus resigned after a little more than six months on the job.

According to The Hill, McCarthy name has cropped up again in recent days as questions swirl about Kelly’s future.

Kelly is in the core of the biggest controversy of his time in office and is facing questions regarding staff secretary Rob Porter who was able to work at the White House despite domestic abuse allegations from two ex-wives.

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