Trump Says CRT is Flagrant Racism that Has No Place in US Society

Donald Trump

Donald Trump, former President of the US issued a warning that CRT (Critical Race Theory) is a “flagrant racism” that is forcefully installed in every aspect of US society, Fox News informed.

Trump said this during a speech to address conservatives in Phoenix, Arizona.

The “Protect Our Election Rally” where Trump spoke was hosted by the Turning Point Action, a political action committee of TPUSA.

Trump blasted Democrats for pursuing an ideology that puts America in the last place.

The former president said that America should not be apologizing to the world, like Obama and now Biden apologize. In fact, he said that they should apologize to the US for what they have done to it with their politics.

Trump addressed Biden’s executive order for pushing forwards the critical race theory in the schools and the military.

He referred to it as the doctrine that is based on flagrant racism and argued that there is no place for it in the schools, the military, or any segment of the US.

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