Sessions Desperately Trying to Impress Trump

Jeff Sessions, the new Attorney General, commented on several occasions to his allies that he hopes media coverage of the recent moves made by the Justice Department will impress President Donald Trump.

The Washington Post reports that the attorney general has requested that White House officials ensure Trump is aware of Sessions’ moves. He has also reportedly made it a priority for the Justice Department to look into matters that the president has discussed publicly, according to the report.

The relationship between President Trump and the attorney general was supposedly damaged after Sessions’ decision to disqualify himself from the probe of Russia’s influence in the 2016 elections.

“He’s one of the most active Cabinet secretaries there is, he’s done a fine job. Does it wash away the sin of recusal? I don’t think so,” an administration official said in the interview for The Washington Post.

According to The Hill, White House officials like former chief strategist Stephen Bannon and counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway have urged Trump to give Sessions another chance. They point to the crackdown on White House leaks, successful policies on illegal immigration and targeting of gangs as issues that the Justice Department has done well in addressing under Sessions.

The Washington Post also reported that an official from the White House has said that Sessions almost never speaks with Trump, where, on the other hand, the attorney general’s aides are close with chief of staff John Kelly who apparently likes and respects Sessions.

Earlier this week, two of the most influential Republican Representatives, Jim Jordan from Ohio and Mark Meadows from North Carolina wrote an op-ed where they called for Session to be replaced as Attorney General.

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