Top General Says Coalition Forces in Afghanistan Are Making Progress

The top U.S. general in Afghanistan said that coalition forces have “turned the corner” in the fight against the Taliban, The Hill writes. According to Army General John Nicholson, the new U.S. strategy in the country and a bigger international push to defeat terrorism have already led to progress.

“These changes in leadership, strengthened and supported by the renewed international will and the U.S. policy announcement, have shifted the momentum in their favor,” Nicholson said.

A three-day bombing campaign on opium production in the country earlier this month “removed between $7 million and $10 million of revenue from the Taliban’s pocketbook,” Nicholson told Pentagon reporters.

Nicholson’s remarks come three months after President Donald Trump announced a new strategy for Afghanistan, which includes sending about 3,000 more U.S. forces to the country and delegating more authority to commanders. The 3,000 troops have since been deployed, bringing the official number of forces in the country up to 14,000. About 1,000 of those soldiers will advise Afghan military units in conflict zones next year, The Hill adds.

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