Sessions Weighs Second Special Counsel to Investigate Clinton-Related Matters

A letter from the Justice Department sent to the House Judiciary Committee confirms that U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is considering naming a special counsel to lead an investigation into a few things connected to Democrat Hillary Clinton. One of those things are the alleged ties between the Clinton Foundation and the sale of Uranium One, which gave a Russian company partial control of American atomic energy resources.

House Republicans are already investigating the sale of the Canadian mining company to Russian Rosatom. According to unnamed officials, the Justice Department is investigating several issues related to Clinton Foundation donations, unmasking of American identities by the intelligence community and former FBI Director James Comey’s handling of the investigation into Hillary’s email server. These investigations could result with an appointment of a second special prosecutor, The Hill reports.

The Chairman of the Judiciary panel Robert Goodlatte has urged Sessions twice, to appoint a second special prosecutor after the revelations that Comey had drafted a statement ending the investigation into Clinton’s emails before the interview of several witnesses. Goodlatte got an answer from the Assistant Attorney General, Stephen Boyd. He wrote a letter to Goodlatte and told him that Sessions urged federal prosecutors to evaluate certain issues from Goodlatte’s letter. Than the prosecutors will make recommendations whether any matters that are not being investigated should be opened, whether those that are being investigated need more resources or whether Special Counsel should be appointed. Boyd has emphasized that if they open such probes, there will be no political reasons for that.

President Donald Trump has called the investigations into the alleged Russian meddling into U.S. presidential election a witch hunt. He urged the Justice Department to look at the Democrats and said that it was very discouraging that the officials were not going after Hillary Clinton.

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