Charles Schumer: Trump Won’t Veto Spending Bill If DACA is Included

According to Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer, President Donald Trump will sign a spending package in December if a permanent fix to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program is included, Newsmax reports.

“Here’s the bottom line – we feel very strongly that DACA must pass and pass by December 31. We’re going to work very hard for it in the must-pass legislation that comes forward,” Schumer said on Tuesday, adding that he is optimistic because “there are a lot of Republican who want to pass DACA as well.”

Schumer noted that Trump will not veto the year-end spending package if DACA is in it.

“If DACA is in the omnibus, he will not veto it, is my prediction,” he stressed, adding he believes there will be bipartisan support for putting a DACA fix in the bill.

Schumer also stated that there would be a need for Democrats to threaten a government shutdown over a lack of a DACA fix.

“We won’t come to that. I think we’ll have Republicans joining us to support DACA,” he said.

The Hill has reported Trump told GOP senators last week at a meeting at the White House he does not want a DACA fix in the bill, while Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, believes there will ultimately be a deal that includes border security measures or a push to end chain migration. The current government spending deal lasts until December 8, The Hill adds.

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