Iran Threatens to ‘Take a Strong Step’ Away from Nuclear Deal

An Iranian government spokesman warned Monday that the country would take a serious step back from the 2015 nuclear deal if Europe is unable to offer Iran new terms by the end of this week when the deadline to do so expires.

The comments came as top Iranian diplomats are holding last-minute talks with French and Russian officials.

Spokesman Ali Rabiei’s remarks only served to underline Friday’s looming deadline by which Iran expects to be provided with a way to sell its crude oil on the global market, which the country has been largely unable to do due to crippling U.S. sanctions aimed at exerting pressure on Iran’s economy.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Monday traveled to Moscow and his deputy along with a team of economists traveled to France as part of the country’s strategy to make one last diplomatic push, ABC News writes.

Rabiei told reporters Monday that Iran’s strategy was “commitment for commitment.”

“Iran’s oil should be bought and its money should be accessible to return to Iran. This is the agenda of our talks,” he said at a press conference in Tehran.

For now, it remains unclear what the terms of the talks are. In theory, anyone caught buying Iranian crude oil would be subject to U.S. sanctions and potentially locked out of the American financial market, ABC News adds.

Since the United States left the nuclear deal, Iran has gone over some of the limitations set in it, including those on uranium enrichment levels. However, the country has said that those steps are easily reversible.

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