Trump Campaign Adviser Met with Russian Officials in 2016

Carter Page, a former foreign policy adviser to Donald Trump’s election campaign said in his testimony that he had contacts with Russian officials during the campaign. Carter Page testified to House investigators that he met Russian government officials while he was in Russia in July last year, The New York Times reports.

Unnamed source told the newspaper that Page reportedly emailed a Trump campaign aide about the contents of the meetings. Page told The Times that he did meet Russian officials.

“I had a very brief hello to a couple of people. That was it,” he said and added that he had met one senior person but didn’t name the person.

The former adviser previously denied that he had met Russian officials during the trip to Russia. Now he says that he told Attorney General Jeff Sessions about the trip before leaving.

“Back in June 2016, I mentioned in passing that I happened to be planning to give a speech at a university in Moscow. Completely unrelated to my limited volunteer role with the campaign and as I’ve done dozens of times throughout my life,” Page told CNN.

In June Sessions told the Senate that he didn’t recall any meetings between campaign associates and Russian officials, The Hill reports.

At a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing last month Sessions said that he was not aware of anyone in the campaign had contacts with Russians.

“I did not [have contact with Russians] and I’m not aware of anyone else that did, and I don’t believe it happened,” Sessions said.

All of this caused calls for resignation. Representative Ted Lieu said Sessions should resign because he committed perjury during his testimony.

“The top law enforcement official in the United States can not have committed a crime and still be there,” he said.


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