After New York City Attack, Trump’s Supporters Want Travel Ban

President Donald Trump tweeted that he had ordered Homeland Security to step up the Extreme Vetting Program in the wake of the attack in New York City, which left eight people dead and caused many reactions on social media. His supporters assessed that the attack is just another evidence of the need for Trump’s travel ban to become law. The attack was reportedly carried out by 29-year old Uzbek immigrant Sayfullo Saipov.

Trump has tried three times to pass restrictions blocking or limiting immigration to the United States from certain countries, but in each instance, judges have ordered last-minute freezes on the travel bans, Newsweek reports. Meanwhile, some of Trump’s supporters on social media accused “liberal judges” of putting political correctness ahead of U.S. national security.

“The World Trade Center & lower Manhattan terrorist attack only confirms we need the #TravelBan & we need it NOW! Screw these liberal judges,” tweeted one user nicknamed Defeat The Left.

The user with a nickname #ThePersistence tweeted: “Any judge that blocks President Trump’s travel ban condones what happened today in New York City. This is the result. #Manhattan #NYCstrong.”

Ann Coulter, prominent right-wing commentator and author of “In Trump We Trust” has even tougher stance.

“Hey, I have an idea: How about a zero immigration quota for the Arab Middle East and Islamist-infested countries in Africa and Asia?” she wrote on Twitter.

Many people pointed that Trump’s travel ban would not have stopped the attack because Uzbekistan has not been included in the ban. Yet, according to the reports, Saipov reportedly entered the U.S. under a visa program that Trump wants to end. He was rewarded a permanent resident visa under the Diversity Immigrant Program. Recent report by The Soufan Group estimated that more than 1,500 Uzbek nationals have traveled to Iraq and Syria to fight for Daesh.

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