Trump Job Approval Falls to New Low

According to the latest Harvard-Harris poll, less than half of the Americans approve of President Donald Trump’s performance. The survey shows that only 42 percent approve, and 58 disapprove of the job the president is doing.

Trump’s job approval temporarily rose to 45 percent in September, due to the governments praised response to the hurricanes which ravaged the Gulf Coast, but has since dropped by 3 points.

Trump has recently caused much controversy, primarily with comments about Gold Star families, and has repeatedly been condemned for his response to the wrecked Puerto Rico. According to the poll results, 51 percent believe his response to Hurricane Maria was much worse than that to the hurricanes which battered the Gulf coast.

Harvard-Harris co-director Mark Penn said that with the strong economy and support the president has his rating would normally be expected to skyrocket. However, he points out that “the intraparty war and dust kicked up on Puerto Rico and his way of responding has people on edge about his leadership.”

The survey also dealt with the public’s opinion of Trump’s handling the matter of NFL players who knelt during the national anthem and showed that 57 percent of all voters agree with the president’s criticism of the players. Most of the voters, 90 percent, were Republican, 55 percent independents and only 31 percent were Democrats.

Regarding Trump’s handling of the economy, his job approval is over 50 percent, unlike matters such as immigration and foreign affairs, where his job approval is much lower. The president got his lowest marks on his capability to manage the government. Only 38 percent approve on this matter.

About sixty-two percent said the economy was “strong”, but about 60 percent believe the country is not on the right track.

In general, 42 percent of voters maintain the president should be impeached, 43 percent that no action needs to be taken and only 15 percent that Trump should be censured by Congress.

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