Ivanka Trump: Tax Plan Addresses Needs of American Families

President Donald Trump’s eldest daughter, Ivanka Trump, called the tax reform “critical” legislation and touted proposed changes to the tax code as changes that would be helpful for everyday Americans.

“There are many elements of this tax plan that I think are squarely targeted at creating jobs and growth in this country and offering relief to our middle-income families. This is about the recognition that, as a country, we have to have policies that mirror our values. We have to encourage the next generation to be competitive and compassionate. For me, I think this couples together our core values as a country, which is work and supporting the American family,” Ivanka said.

She joined U.S. Treasurer Jovita Carranza and former U.S. Representative Nan Hayworth for a town hall event in Pennsylvania.

Trump made the tax reform his top agenda item and urged Congress to pass legislation. Together with other Republican leaders, the president crafted a proposal calling for steep tax cuts for corporations and potentially individuals, a doubling of the standard deduction used by most Americans, a reduction in the number of tax brackets from seven to three or four and a repeal of the inheritance tax on multimillion-dollar estates, Associated Press reports.

Ivanka is focused on expanding the child tax credit. She used her experience to connect with the audience as a mother who has an understanding of the challenges parents face with the cost of childcare which is rising.

“Every parent has to manage the competing demands of raising a family and their passions. I, too, had to manage that, but I am far more fortunate than most. I had help, and I recognized that I wouldn’t be able to do even a small fraction of what I was able to do professionally or as a parent … if I didn’t have access to the means to be able to put my children in a secure and safe and protected and nurturing environment,” Ivanka concluded.

According to her, the increase of the child tax credit could mean the difference between sending a child to an after-school program or paying for quality daycare. Ivanka asserts that it could also help some young couples wrestling with whether they can afford to start a family.

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