Trump Administration Proposes to Cut Refugee Cap to 45,000

Trump administration on Wednesday prepared a proposal according to which admittance of refugees next year will be limited to a maximum of 45,000, the lowest cap in decades, which officials said was needed to provide U.S. security, although Democrats and humanitarian groups condemned the decision saying that it is an abandonment of American moral authority, Reuters reports.

That’s the lowest figure since the modern system was introduced in 1980, and the administration’s decision was harshly criticized by refugee advocates who claim that it ignores growing humanitarian crises around the world. The report also projects slashing funding to the refugee resettlement program by 25 percent.

“The security and safety of the American people is our chief concern,” a U.S. official said in a call with reporters on Wednesday, speaking on condition of anonymity. “We have every plan to process as many refugees as we can under this ceiling.”

Another U.S. official stated that the administration is thinking of a “wide range of potential measures and enhancements” to refugee vetting, in accordance with a January executive order from the president, though the official gave no further details.

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