Former Vice President: ‘I Was Wrong’ about Trump

Former Vice President Al Gore says he’s given up hope that President Trump will “come to his senses” and act on climate issues. Gore on Monday night told “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert that his hopes about Trump were wrong.

“I went to Trump Tower after the election,” said Gore, who was on the show to promote his new movie, “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power.”

“I thought that there was a chance he would come to his senses. But I was wrong.” According to Gore, Trump withdrawing the U.S. from the Paris climate agreement last month was “disastrous.”

However, he felt some optimism after seeing other countries “doubled down” and pledge to do even more to fulfill the agreement’s goals, as well as other U.S. leaders promise to work toward the deal.
“A lot of our most important governors and mayors and business leaders said, ‘We’re still in the Paris Agreement, and we’re going to meet the commitments of the country regardless of what Donald Trump tweets.’ “

Every country except the U.S. at the G-20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, earlier this month agreed to the terms of the 2015 Paris climate agreement negotiated by the Obama administration. French President Emmanuel Macron has said he is going to continue to try to convince Trump to change his mind about his decision to withdraw from the agreement.

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