Visit the Eastern Market

By Page Zakas

Washington D.C. is home to many attractions from museums to restaurants to shopping. While many areas of Washington D.C. offer a wide variety of brand name stores, one market stands out as a spot for unique finds. The Eastern Market, located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood offers a range of goods including jewelry, produce, art, and more.

The Eastern Market opened in 1873, and it was the first city-owned public market system. Initially, the Eastern Market opened to draw new residents to the city as well as set Washington on the path toward urbanization.

While the Eastern Market is thriving today, it has not been without its share of obstacles. At one point, the Eastern Market was forced to close its doors because of competition from surrounding grocery stores, but the residents of the neighborhood came together and rallied for the re-opening of the Eastern Market. In addition to the closing of the Eastern Market, a fire occurred on April 30th, 2007 early in the morning. The fire destroyed the South Hall building, but the Eastern Market never fully closed. By 2009, renovations to the Eastern Market were completed.

During the week, the market hosts many vendors selling fresh produce, bakery items, meats etc. Every weekend, the Weekend Outdoor Market opens and local artists gather to sell jewelry, antiques, art, and handcrafted goods. The Eastern Market has a unique set of offerings that cannot be found at the average mall. Do not miss all that the Eastern Market has to offer.


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