Should DC bid for the 2024 Olympics?

After a successful end of the London 2012 Olympics, some believe it is time for DC to follow in London’s footsteps and try to host the 2024 Summer Olympics. Placing a bid is not only time consuming but it is also an expensive endeavor between finding sponsors and gathering millions of dollars.

According to Robert McCartney of the Washington Post, “A decade ago, our area mounted a respectable effort to win the Games underway in London. We spent $10 million in a losing effort but gained valuable experience in how to compete.” Though unsuccessful, their initial attempt spear headed Dan Knise, CEO of the Washington-Baltimore 2012 Regional Coalition and president of Ames & Goughby  is not holding them back from potentially preparing a bid for the 2024 Olympics.

The thought of DC hosting the Olympic games is risky and exciting, but is DC ready? Currently the DC government is associated with corruption. Maryland and Virginia are unable to reach agreement over the expanding Capital Beltway. The question is can DC overcome any negativity to be prepared to host the Olympics?

DC winning the bid for the 2024 Olympics would be great for the region and the United States considering it will have been nearly 30 years since the Olympics were last held in the United States in Atlanta, GA, the host of the 1996 Olympics. Hosting the Olympics has many benefits including bringing the population together as well as drawing attention to the area.

In order to win the bid, DC must pull together to put forth an impressive presentation.  They need to gain support from the right sponsors and learn from past efforts to create a bid that can not be rejected.


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