Qorvis Celebrates 12 years of Hard Work and Accomplishment

Qorvis Communications recently celebrated its 12th anniversary. To commemorate the occasion, Qorvis’ GPS Executive Vice President Seth Pietras proudly displayed the Qorvis flag high over Mont Blanc (15,770 ft/ 4,808). Mont Blanc is the highest peak in Western Europe and the second highest peak on the continent. Pietras took the Trois Monts route, which includes Italy’s Mont Blanc Tacul and Mont Maudit.


Meanwhile back in the United States, the Qorvis employees celebrated the company’s 12th anniversary with cupcakes and a champagne toast. Michael Petruzzello wrote, “Qorvis began with the promise of creating a new and better strategic communications company that would help global clients succeed in a radically changing environment.” Qorvis has continued to grow and expand while maintaining the same strong core values. Here’s to 12 great years with Qorvis and many more!


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