DEA Prevents Nursing Home Patients From Getting Pain Medication, Survey Says

On the day of his Capitol Hill testimony, Ross Brickley, president of CCRx of NC, Inc. and former president of the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists, founder of the Quality Care Coalition for Patients in Pain (QCCPP), explains how and to what extent DEA rules affect patients in nursing facilities, and focuses on long-term care, and those receiving hospice services. He shares with us a haunting study conducted by the QCCPP, that shows nearly two thirds of physicians, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, nurses and other clinicians say that DEA procedures are resulting in delays in getting pain medication to their patients. In Ohio, where DEA has been most active, 86 percent of respondents indicated that treatment has been delayed. For more information about the report Patients in Pain: How U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration Rules Harm Patients in Nursing Facilities, visit

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