Nagorno-Karabakh Announces Ceasefire with Azerbaijan While Baku Declares Victory

After authorities in Nagorno-Karabakh have announced their decision to cease hostilities with Azerbaijan following a proposal by local Russian peacekeeping forces and just one day after Baku initiated a so-called counter-terrorism operation in the breakaway region, Azerbaijan on Wednesday declared victory.

In an effort to prevent further bloodshed as Azerbaijani forces made major advances after a daylong military assault during which the ethnic-Armenian controlled region was pounded with artillery fire, the authorities in the breakaway region agreed to a cease-fire, followed by a confirmation from the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry that their forces’ agreement to halt hostilities as well.

Per the ministry, Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry said the terms of the agreement require the Armenian side – both Yerevan’s military and illegal Armenian armed groups – to lay down their weapons, leave their combat positions and military posts, and hand over all weapons to Baku.

The implementation of this process, which should end with Armenian armed forces leaving the territories of Azerbaijan and dissolving of illegal Armenian armed groups, will be ensured in coordination with the Russian peacekeeping contingent.

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