Hungarian PM Says President Biden Doesn’t Understand Russians

The Biden administration “misunderstands” Russians if it expects Russian President Vladimir Putin’s popularity and support will be eroded by economic sanctions and frontline losses, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has claimed during an interview with Tucker Carlson published Wednesday on X.

Russians’ top priority is national unity whereas Western politics’ focus is on how to provide more freedom to the people, which creates in Moscow a military kind of approach focused on safety, security, buffer zone, and geopolitical approaches, which, considering Russia’s history, is a legitimate attitude, Orban argues.

According to Orban, it is difficult for the US leadership to understand the Russians when they have an ocean separating them, stressing that the world must know that Russians will not kill their leader, they’ll never give it up or the country, and they’ll defend it.

Asked what might happen if the West succeeded in “assassinating” Putin, Orban stressed that if Washington’s goal is really deposing the Russian president, it would be “a mistake” and “more than dangerous”.

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