James Stavridis Warns that Moscow’s Risking War with NATO in Black Sea

The former top commander in Europe, ex-US Admiral James Stavridis, warned Russia that by intercepting ships in international waters and the attempts to impose an economic stranglehold on Kyiv it risks sparking a direct war with NATO.

Stavridis mentioned the Black Sea incident on Sunday he slammed as “tantamount to piracy,” when Russian troops fired warning shots before boarding the Palau-flagged Turkish cargo ship Şükrü Okan, which was sailing in the international waters off the coast of the NATO heavyweight Turkey.  

NATO’s former Supreme Allied Commander Europe is warning that Russia’s actions in the international waters of the Black Sea create a real risk of escalating this to a war at sea with NATO, which is not going to only watch Russia strangle their economy with an illegal blockade after they provided all the weapons and money for Ukraine.

Admiral Stavridis, who led NATO’s forces on the continent between 2009 and 2013, slammed the length the Kremlin is ready to go to in order to undermine trade between Ukraine and the rest of Europe, forcing Kyiv’s partners to intervene to prevent the crippling of Ukraine’s economy.

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