Poland to Place Additional 10,000 Troops on Belarus Border

Amid heightened tensions in the region, Poland is set to deploy thousands of additional troops to its border with Belarus to scare “scare the aggressor so that he does not dare to attack Poland”, Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak announced on Thursday.

Shortly before, the Polish Defense Ministry approved border officials’ request to send in an additional 1,000 soldiers to the area.

Speaking to Polskie Radio, Blaszczak added that 10,000 soldiers – 4,000 to directly support the Border Guard and another 6,000 held in reserve- will underpin security in the region.

Lashing out at Minsk without providing any evidence, Blaszczak repeated accusations that Polish airspace was violated last week by two Belarusian helicopters violated last week, calling the alleged incident another provocation that Minsk has denied.

Polish officials have also sounded the alarm in recent weeks, pointing out efforts by Russian defense contractor Wagner Group’s mercenaries to infiltrate the country and the increased attempts by migrants to illegally cross the Belarus border.

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