Victoria Nuland’s Visit to Niger Brought Joy to Wagner Boss Prigozhin

Acting US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland’s personal visit to Niger to urge its new military government not to demand the help of the Russian private military contractors brought quite a joy to Wagner chief Evgeny Prigozhin.

Asked to comment on Nuland’s visit and her advice against any deal with Wagner to Niger’s new government, Prigozhin stressed his pride in the fact that the mere mentioning of ‘his boys’ compelled the US to reassess its positions.

According to him, it made Washington recognize a government that it did not recognize before only to avoid meeting the Wagner PMC in Niger, also mentioning that Wagner makes ISIS and Al Qaeda members small and obedient, silky boys.

One of the coup leaders in Niger, Gen. Salifou Moody, allegedly sought Wagner’s assistance to help safeguard their power after ousting President Mohamed Bazoum.

After that, Nuland personally met with Moussa Barmou, Niger’s current defense chief, and three other senior commanders to warn them against enlisting the help of the Russian PMC, suggesting they’re a threat, and urge them to restore the constitutional order in Niger.

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