GAO: US Never Checked How Europe Spend Defense Aid

A new government report has determined that Pentagon has never determined if the funds of more than $35 billion that the US has spent in the past nine years to boost its NATO European allies’ military preparedness of against the Russian aggression were spent properly.

The new report prepared by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) underscores that the DoD has still not set out any assessment programs or performance goals to check if the US taxpayers’ money has been spent properly (or effectively) at all.

The GAO explains that the European Deterrence Initiative (EDI) of the US Department of Defense helps deter Russian aggression and boosts the European allies’ military readiness.

Washington has lavishly funded the initiative- spending over $35 billion since 2015 – on a variety of military activities like supporting American troop deployments in Europe, intelligence activities, and construction of projects (airfields, ranges, and other military facilities).

The office also recommends in the report for the DoD to determine if the resources are being used effectively.

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