Stoltenberg Gets One Year Mandate Extension as NATO Chief

Jens Stoltenberg will remain secretary-general for another year, NATO allies have agreed ahead of a summit of NATO leaders in Vilnius next week in a decision seen as a reflection of how politically sensitive the current moment is for the US-led military organization, Politico reports.

Stoltenberg said in a post on Twitter how honored he is by NATO Allies’ decision to extend his term as Secretary-General until October 1, 2024, stressing that the Alliance he called a transatlantic bond between Europe & North America, today, in a more dangerous world, is more important than ever.

With his calm demeanor under pressure and ability to navigate the sensitivities of a large and diverse alliance, Stoltenberg has earned widespread respect since he was his first mandate as the defensive alliance’s chief in 2014.

The decision to keep the former Norwegian prime minister for another year also underscores how difficult is to find a high-profile candidate for the position who is both available and acceptable to all NATO members.

Before opting yet again to extend the long-serving secretary-general’s term, NATO allies informally considered a variety of candidates Over the past months, including Danish PM Mette Frederiksen.

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