Texas Women Sued after Helping Friend Obtain Abortion Pills

In a first case of its kind since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade last June, three women in Texas have been sued for wrongful death over allegations that they helped one of their friends to receive an abortion by obtaining her abortion pills.

Claiming that they broke Texas law prohibiting someone from helping a pregnant woman obtain an abortion themselves, Marcus Silva filed a complaint Thursday alleging that the three women helped his ex-wife obtain abortion pills to have an abortion.

One of the women is being sued for wrongful death for providing the abortion pills that the other two women illegally obtained in July 2022 to help Silva’s ex-wife receive an abortion through pills.

The complaint of Silva, who was the father of the unborn fetus, also alleges that those women told his ex-wife to not tell him about their actions, prompting him to also file a charge of conspiracy against them.

He included in the lawsuit screenshots from a group chat that the ex-wife had with her two friends, which were telling her to delete all conversations, noting that Silva would snake his way into her head.

Per the lawsuit, Silva’s ex-wife became pregnant in July 2022 after she filed for divorce two months prior, but she did not tell him about it. The couple, which has two daughters together, divorced last month.

The lawsuit says that on top of requesting $1 million in damages, Silva also demands for an injunction to prevent the women from providing abortion pills in Texas. His lawyers – former Texas Solicitor General Jonathan Mitchell and state Rep. Briscoe Cain – also plan to name the pill’s manufacturer in the lawsuit once they learn the name.

The Texas Tribune reported that Mitchell was the architect behind the Texas abortion ban after about six weeks of pregnancy whose legality in the state in July 2022 is murky considering the fact that Texas’ trigger law – which makes performing an abortion a crime punishable by up to life in prison – did not go into effect until August.

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