Frost on DeSantis Targeting Black, LGBTQ People: ‘It’s Fascism’

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is under condemnation once again. Rep. Maxwell Alejandro Frost said that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s drumbeat of policies targeting Black, transgender, and LGBTQ people is “fascism.”

The freshman Florida representative, Rep. Frost, criticized 2024 presidential hopeful for his fascism and tore up the governor’s recently-backed bills. 

During an appearance on CNN Newsroom, host Jim Acosta asked Frost, the first Generation Z lawmaker to serve in Congress, about how Democrats should take on DeSantis.

“We take that on by number one being bold in our messaging and calling it out for what it is,” Frost told Acosta, saying that DeSantis was not attempting to improve education with his policies, but was “acting on scapegoating vulnerable communities due to his failures.” 

“This is what we’re up against in Florida right now and it’s hard to keep track of because it seems like there’s a new victim, there’s a new bill every day,” he said.

“But we have to call it for what it is he is abusing his power and using the state to target political opponents and political enemies. And there’s a word for that. and it’s fascism, and we have to be honest about it.” 

Frost has previously stated that he won’t stop referring to DeSantis as a “fascist” last month. He said that the issue happening in Florida right now could be a national problem facing the U.S. in a few years. 

Lawmakers in Florida have been busy bringing in batches of contentious, and widely condemned, legislation. 

Most recently Republican lawmakers have proposed a new batch of legislation that includes proposals to require teachers to use pronouns matching children’s sex as assigned at birth and establish a universal school voucher program. 

DeSantis recently also signed the Don’t Say Gay bill into law, which bans educators in the state from talking about sexual orientation or gender identity in schools. He also recently banned the Advanced Placement African American Studies course in the state curriculum. 

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