Manchin to wait and see ‘who all the players are’ before Biden 2024 endorsement

Democratic Senator Joe Manchin said he wanted to wait and see “who all the players are” before announcing his endorsement of Joe Biden should he become the Democratic candidate for president in 2024, The Hill reported.

“The bottom line is, let’s see who’s involved,” Manchin said in an interview with CBS’s “Face The Nation,” as reported by The Hill. “Let’s wait until we see who all the players are. Let’s just wait until it all comes out.”

Manchin, one of the more moderate Democrats in Congress, has irked liberals and progressives in his party and has openly severed ties with Biden over what he has referred to as some in his party pushing the president too far to the left.

“We’ve got a runaway debt, we’ve got inflation that’s killing people, we’ve got unsecured energy, we have a border that’s out of control — you’re telling me we’re in the same ballgame, in the same ballpark? I don’t think so,” Manchin said.

With his term ending in 2024, Manchin is notoriously evasive about whether or not he intends to run for any position. He previously said he wouldn’t compete for president, but he later said the remarks were “in jest,” so he would not run for office.

“I’m not taking anything off the table and I’m not putting anything on the table,” Manchin said. “I said I’ll make a decision at the end of this year.”

Senate Democrats will probably put pressure on Manchin to seek reelection in West Virginia because the party confronts a less-than-favorable Senate map in 2024, which presents numerous opportunities for Republicans to take Democratic seats, including in West Virginia.

Manchin, however, has a more reserved attitude toward Biden as more party members have started to support the current president, who is anticipated to launch a reelection campaign in the near future.

Some polls have shown that Democratic supporters, however, may be receptive to a different candidate leading the party’s ticket in 2024.

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