Delayed, canceled flights after fresh winter storms sweep through U.S.

Numerous planes were canceled or delayed on Saturday as winter storms tore through various parts of the country. Over 700 flights were canceled and more than 1,800 others were delayed across the United States, according to The Hill, citing FlightAware, a website that monitors flights.

The majority of flight cancellations, more than 100, were occurring as of noon on planes leaving from Boston’s Logan International Airport.

The National Weather Service (NWS) reports that a powerful storm that caused heavy snow, mixed precipitation, rain, and high winds swept through the Northeast early on Saturday morning. It’s anticipated that the bad weather will last well into the afternoon.

The NWS predicts that upstate New York and the inner parts of New England could get another three to six inches of snow before it starts to rain and snow.

On Saturday afternoon, southern Maine and New Hampshire may experience eight to twelve inches of snow, while central Massachusetts and the Boston metropolitan region may experience rain and snow mixed together along the dividing line.

Residents of the Mid-Atlantic and Ohio Valley are dealing with strong winds, which are anticipated to last until mid-afternoon. Wind advisories and high wind warnings might be in force in some areas.

The West Coast is currently dealing with another storm after being affected by several systems in the previous week.

The most recent one is moving south from the Pacific Northwest to California, bringing moderate to heavy rain to coastal areas and possibly substantial snowfall to the higher elevations of the Sierra Nevada and Cascade Mountain ranges.

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