New national cybersecurity strategy officially released

The Biden administration unveiled its long-awaited national cybersecurity strategy, which aims to establish measures to safeguard the country’s cybersecurity ecosystem, The Hill reports.

The strategy defines multiple crucial areas of emphasis, such as safeguarding critical infrastructure from cyber threats, hampering and dismantling cyber criminals, and forging global partnerships.

“Our rapidly evolving world demands a more intentional, more coordinated, and more well-resourced approach to cyber defense,” the report reads, as reported by The Hill. “We face a complex threat environment, with state and non-state actors developing and executing novel campaigns to threaten our interests.”

AP news reported that officials had said that the Democratic administration plans to collaborate with Congress on a bill that would hold software manufacturers legally responsible if their products fail to comply with essential cybersecurity measures.

The strategy primarily formalizes efforts that have been ongoing for the past two years to tackle a series of prominent ransomware assaults on crucial infrastructure.

These attacks, including one on a major fuel pipeline that sparked a fuel crisis and caused panic at gas stations across the East Coast, as well as others, have heightened concerns regarding cybersecurity.

Nevertheless, officials anticipate that the new national cybersecurity strategy will pave the way for combatting a progressively difficult cyber landscape.

“This strategy will position the United States and its allies and partners to build that digital ecosystem together, making it more easily and inherently defensible, resilient, and aligned with our values,” the report reads.

According to Axios, as stated by a senior administration official, the Biden administration expects to release the strategy’s execution plan to the public “in the coming months.”

The Office of the National Cyber Director (ONCD) will be responsible for executing the strategy and will submit a yearly report to the president, Congress, and the assistant to the president for national security affairs regarding the strategy’s efficacy.

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