Ron DeSantis Called a ‘Tyrant’ as Trump Supporters Barred from Book Signing

A book signing event in Florida for Gov. Ron DeSantis turned ugly. DeSantis is being labeled a “tyrant” by the far-right after Trump supporters were reportedly barred from a book signing staged by the Florida governor.

The Florida governor was at a Books-a-Million store in Leesburg, Florida, on Tuesday, when Trump supporters attempted to take part in the event. 

But the group was not allowed in. 

A video is circulating that shows a security guard telling the group of Trump supporters they had to go. 

“They told me to say anybody wearing Trump has to go right now,” a uniformed officer said in a video posted online. “DeSantis people are in there telling me to come out to tell you guys not to be here while he’s here,” the officer said.

DeSantis has not declared a run for the presidential nomination in 2024 but remains the only close challenger to Trump in polling.

The incident was the latest row between supporters of Trump and DeSantis as the two men are touted as the potential GOP pick for president to go up against President Joe Biden in 2024. 

The floodgates opened against DeSantis when Trump hit the campaign trail late last month. He told reporters on his plane between events that it would be very ‘disloyal’ if DeSantis launched a 2024 primary bid against him. 

Trump has continued to bash DeSantis on a regular basis, with the former president recently accusing his former ally of being backed by a ‘pervert’ organization and being a ‘RINO in disguise.’

Pursuing hardline culture-war policies including banning books in schools and restricting the teaching of LGBTQ+ issues in elementary schools, DeSantis has carved out a formidable national profile.

DeSantis’s book, The Courage to Be Free, was published on Tuesday. DeSantis does not attack Trump on the page, saying: “It’s all about bowing and scraping.”

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