Republican Lawmakers Investigating Pentagon’s Abortion Travel Policies

Photo credit: Reuters

The Pentagon’s decision to impose “pro-abortion” travel regulations for its personnel is the subject of a new investigation being launched by House Republicans, Fox News informed.

On Thursday, a group of 29 Republican members of the House Armed Services Committee expressed their concerns to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin via letter. They claimed that the Department was being utilized as a political tool by the Biden administration to promote far-left views on abortion. Additionally, they contended that the Department’s recent policy to provide coverage for certain abortion-related expenses for service members and their families was against the law.

The Department of Defense announced its new policy on February 16 in a memorandum titled “Administrative Absence for Non-Covered Reproductive Health Services,” which allowed service members and their families to take paid time off and receive covered travel expenses in order to get abortions.

The letter stated that the new order is clearly in contravention of the legislative intent set forth in 10 U.S.C. 1093 and associated laws. This poorly written collection of regulations also raises the possibility of a web of federally authorized transgressions of state laws, notably in relation to dependent children’s access to abortion services.

While the committee members are dedicated to ensuring that the service members receive the finest medical care available, paying for flights and time off to end pregnancies is not considered medical care. Instead, it is the use of American public money for unlawful objectives, the letter stated.

The letter emphasized that the committee would oppose any attempt by the Biden administration “to utilize the military as an experiment to broaden its pro-abortion agenda” and required a response from Austin by Mar. 7.

The new DoD policy seems to be the Biden administration’s most recent effort to increase access to abortion since the Supreme Court invalidated Roe v. Wade last year. In response to what some pro-abortion organizations have described as a health catastrophe following the overturn of Roe v. Wade, the administration has also indicated its willingness to declare a public health emergency.

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