No Indication of Misused Funds in Ukraine, White House States

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As GOP lawmakers call for an audit, John Kirby, the strategic communications coordinator for the National Security Council, told reporters at a White House briefing on Friday that there is “no indication” that any of the billions of dollars in defense aid that the United States has sent to Ukraine has been lost or stolen, Fox News informed.

In a conference call with reporters, Kirby stated that the White House “takes seriously” its responsibility to account for the money Congress has provided for Ukraine and that the American people have a right to know that their tax money is being used effectively.

According to Kirby, there has been no evidence to date suggesting that any of the supplies or weaponry they have given to Ukraine have been wasted, misdirected, stolen, sold on the black market, or taken by the Russians.

An inspector general is “on the job” to oversee how security assistance funding for the Ukrainians is administered, Kirby said, alluding to how war can obscure some of the government’s spending for Ukraine. Kirby also said that the White House is both supportive of and thankful for congressional oversight and welcomes accountability measures.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican from Georgia, announced on Thursday that she will introduce legislation to require an audit of the enormous sums of money the United States has provided to Ukraine. Kirby’s remarks were in response to her announcement.

In an interview with Tucker Carlson of Fox News on Tucker Carlson Tonight, Greene stated that she would push Congress to conduct an audit of the American people.

Because they are unsure of where all the money is going, according to Greene, an audit is necessary.

The process of requesting information from the executive branch will start, she said, with the introduction of a resolution of inquiry in the House of Representatives on Friday.

The same resolution was submitted by Greene in November and narrowly lost to a subcommittee chaired by Democrats despite receiving support from House Republicans across the ideological spectrum. Republicans weren’t in control of Congress at the time, so it’s uncertain if they will still back an audit of Ukraine aid.

She claimed that the Biden administration is so out of touch with the wishes of the American people that it will actually start a third world war.

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