Michigan State students grew up with school shootings

Multiple students at Michigan State University relived a horror of a school shooting, having already lived through previous school shooting massacres, NBC News reports.

It shows a generation of children being continuously haunted by school shootings. 

Three students were killed and five others were wounded Monday night at MSU’s campus, where students and others sheltered in place for hours after the first shots.

America’s latest mass shooting wrote a new community in the roll call of colleges stigmatized by tragedy. To Virginia Tech, Northern Illinois and the University of Virginia, add Michigan State University.

Experts say this is merely the latest school shooting until the inevitable next one. 

The latest shooting showed more horror, in another city, in a cycle of sudden death that can strike anyone, anywhere.

The day brought the familiar futile anger over the tortured politics of gun control and splits among Americans about firearms that mean that – even after more senseless deaths – nothing will be done.

Studies show school shootings are getting more frequent and exposing more kids to such horrors, and millions more to the nagging feeling that it could happen to them.

One student at MSU was an elementary school student at a school neighboring Sandy Hook Elementary School when there was a mass shooting in 2012. 

Others in the MSU community who have experienced multiple mass shootings echoed their disbelief that they were living through something so traumatic yet again, with nothing being done to stop it. 

Another couple of students at MSU survived a shooting at Oxford High School in southeastern Michigan on Nov. 30, 2021, NYT reports.

Experts say all they expect are empty Washington rituals, where politicians offer regret and condolences, thoughts, and prayers, but then no meaningful measures are taken to stop it from happening again. 

President Joe Biden and a bipartisan group of senators did pass the most significant gun safety law in decades last year, though it failed to ban any weapons and fell well short of what the White House, gun control advocates, and most Americans want to see, per CNN.

Future gun control legislation is now unthinkable with Republicans now holding a narrow House majority.

The governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer, denounced the “uniquely American problem” of gun violence. 

“We cannot keep living like this,” the Democrat said. 

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