House votes to drop COVID vaccine mandate for international travelers

One of the last few pandemic travel restrictions still in effect, the majority of international air travelers must now have the COVID vaccine, but the U.S. House of Representatives voted to repeal this requirement on Wednesday, Reuters reports.

About seven Democrats voted with the Republicans, bringing the final result to 227 to 201. Republicans did not vote against the legislation to remove the COVID vaccine mandate for international travelers.

The COVID testing requirement for air travelers entering the United States was discontinued by the Biden administration in June, although the majority of international visitors are still required to get a CDC immunization.

The COVID vaccine mandate, according to the White House, has allowed family members to rejoin across the world and has decreased the spread of COVID-19 and the costs it takes on the American healthcare system. The White House announced its opposition to the measure on Tuesday. It’s unclear whether the Senate will consider the bill.

The public health emergency caused by COVID will expire on May 11, according to the White House.

“As we approach the end of the public health emergency, the administration will review all relevant policies, including this one,” the White House said.

All travelers should get vaccinated, according to the CDC, which also notes that immunizations remain the most crucial public health measure for combating COVID-19.

According to the U.S. Travel Association, this rule is no longer necessary, and we are grateful that the U.S. House took this bipartisan effort to repeal this archaic regulation. The only nation that has kept up this approach is the United States.

Except in some circumstances, adult noncitizens and non-permanent residents of the United States who are traveling to the country as tourists are now required to present proof of immunization before boarding a flight.

The legislation to eliminate the vaccination mandate was presented by Republican Representative Thomas Massie.

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