New ‘Flex Index’ database shows companies’ remote work policies

A company that focuses on hybrid work has released its first report on flexible work trends.

A new tool called The Flex Index has launched this week to try and make employers’ flexible work policies searchable, enabling people to research companies’ arrangements all in one place. 

It aims to help job seekers, as well as human resources executives, academics, and anyone else looking to compare practices or track hybrid work trends. 

The database uses standard terms like “fully remote” or “specific days/weeks”. 

There are so many different work set-ups nowadays, especially in the wake of the Covid pandemic. 

Launched by hybrid work management startup Scoop, the Flex Index ultimately aims to fill a void of organized information about remote work policies. Many companies do not publish office requirements on their websites or job listings and only discuss them — if at all — in vague terms. 

About 4,000 employers have been surveyed so far for the index. 

The database found that about half of the companies offer some degree of flexible work location. One-third offer the ability to go fully remote. 

But the other half of employers still make their employees show up every day. 

Flexibility tends to depend on the industry. Tech and media companies are among the most flexible. And as could be assumed, the restaurant and hospitality industries rank toward the bottom. 

There is some room for error within the database, however, because policies can differ to practice. Some employees and managers could not see eye to eye on what is required or appropriate. The culture of a workplace could trump its technical policies. 

The creator of the index says the database will need to meet three challenges: How representative it is of the full employer market, how accurate the data is, and how well it keeps up with employers changing policies and suddenly calling everyone back to the office, particularly in the current environment. 

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