Google hopes ‘Bard’ will outsmart ChatGPT, Microsoft in AI

Chatbot wars are upon us. Everyone has begun to play around with new chatbot services, such as ChatGPT, Google and Microsoft. Now Google has unveiled Bard, the AI hatbox it hopes will rival ChatGPT. 

Google is girding for a battle of wits in the field of artificial intelligence with “Bard,” a conversational service aimed at countering the popularity of the ChatGPT tool backed by Microsoft.

But GPT has already been so successful that it prompted Google’s management to declare a “code red” in December to expedite its own AI products. 

One of Gmail’s creators warned that Google may only be a year or two away from “total disruption” due to the rise of AI. 

Now, Google says Bard’s already rolling out to “trusted testers,” but will become widely available in the coming weeks.

Google’s chatbot is supposed to be able to explain complex subjects such as outer space discoveries in terms simple enough for a child to understand. 

It also claims the service will also perform other more mundane tasks, such as providing tips for planning a party, or lunch ideas based on what food is left in a refrigerator.

Google has been deepening its commitment to the artificial intelligence field. Last week, it also announced that it is investing in and partnering with Anthropic, an AI startup led by some former leaders at OpenAI. Anthropic has also built its own AI chatbot named Claude and has a mission centered on AI safety.

Google announced Bard’s existence less than two weeks after Microsoft disclosed it’s pouring billions of dollars into OpenAI, the San Francisco-based maker of ChatGPT and other tools that can write readable text and generate new images.

In the meantime, Microsoft decided to Teams up with ChatGPT rather than compete. 

Today, it is expected to announce that it will offer ChatGPT on Bing. 

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