George Santos accused of alleged sexual harassment by ex volunteer

Photo: Alejandra Villa Loarca/Newsday RM, Getty Images

A man who volunteered for one week in Representative George Santos’ office in January with the hopes of landing a permanent position has accused Santos of sexual harassment, Newsweek reports.

On January 25, while Santos was “alone with the Congressman in his personal office,” Derek Myers, a former journalist, said Santos touched his crotch without his permission and asked him over because Santos’ spouse was out of town.

The allegations were made by Myers on Friday in a Twitter thread that also contained a copy of a letter he had sent to the House Ethics Committee, protesting in writing about Santos’ behavior. Additionally, he claimed to have informed the US Capitol Police of his accusations.

“Today, I filed a police report with Capitol Police and a complaint with Congress Ethics regarding ethical violations and sexual harassment by Congressman George Santos during my time working in his office,” Myers wrote in his Twitter post. “My filings detail sexual harassment I endured in the office of the Congressman. These matters will hopefully be appropriately addressed by the police and the Ethics Committee, respectively in due time.”

According to Newsweek, in October 2022, Myers was charged with wiretapping after he reportedly broadcast leaked recordings from a murder trial. Myers told TPM that he had initially been given a $50,000 per year job on Santos’ team, but that offer was later retracted once they learned of this.

As a result of the revelation that Santos falsified most of his resume, including his educational and professional history, he is under pressure to resign.

As a result of an ongoing ethical inquiry, George Santos revealed earlier this week that he had stepped down from two House committees.

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